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HSS Volunteers Make Unprecedented Impact during Crisis


COVID-19 crisis has affected the entire humanity, and economies around the globe have come to a grinding halt. Situation in the USA is grim too, with a large number of population getting impacted, and the entire health system needing to rapidly gear up to manage the health crisis. 

No sooner than the crisis unfolded, there were reports on shortage of masks for first responders started getting reported, people were losing their livelihood, foreign students started feeling financial hardship and mental stress. 

Volunteers of HSS felt they could help and a national plan was developed. More than 2,000 of them across 27 states formed teams and identified the needs of the communities they live in. 


As the scale of the problem was massive, needed immediate response and geographically distributed, the first thing the volunteers did was onboard other service minded organizations like SEWA International who could help scale the efforts.  Many volunteers across the country stitched masks, raised funds, cooked breakfast and lunch for hospital staff, and provided grocery items to the homes of elder citizens , set up a helpline for University students, roped in experts who donated their time in addressing legal and mental health issues.


HSS raised up to unprecedented levels of selfless service to humanity in the face of an unprecedented health crisis, and made impact far and wide across the cities from shores of New Jersey to the golden coast of California. 


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