Arizona Vibhag started Dharma Bee during the month of February in all active shakhas with 100+ registrations. Due to COVID situation, physical in-person shakhas were canceled starting March 13th. We started E-Shakhas from weekend of March 20. Every weekend we conduct 4 different E-Shakhas for K-2 grade kids, 3-5 grade kids, middle/high school kids and tarun shakha.

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Hindu community was successfully united for learning and sharing Hindu values in an organized way through the Heritage Camp.

As usual, respects to Bagwa Dwaj marked the beginning of our camp which was followed by Ganesh Vandana. The importance of attending regular shakha, proclaiming our Hindu Identity and the privilege of being the followers of Shri Ram and Lord Krishna were emphasized through the camp geet - chalo bhai chalo shakha me chalo. Physical Exercises and Surya Namaskar provided adequate fitness for pro-active participation in the activities for the day.

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