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Centerville Shakha connects with Newark, CA Mayor Al Nagy

Shakha karyakartas from Arjuna shakha (Centerville, Fremont) approached the City of Newark, CA mayor to present the SEWA activities they have been involved in the Alameda county. Mayor Al Nagy, was very courteous and responded to our email with an appointment on 09/09. Mayor Al Nagy was very courteous and presented us a brief history of the city. 


Highlights of our meeting with the mayor:

Dharma Bee is a nation wide quiz contest for kids with the theme ‘Discover your Hindu Heritage". Dharma Bee’s goals are to improve swadhyaya (learning) about Hindu dharma, increase bala/kishore participation in shakha and to improve quality of shikshaks. As part of HSS’s nationwide initiative, HSS Durga Shakha in Temple City, CA organized “Dharma Bee - 2020” program that began on February 9th, 2020. National team provided basic guidelines and resources such as syllabus, campaign materials, teaching strategies etc.

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