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Guru Vandana 2021

The U.S. celebrated the first week of May as “teacher appreciation week” and Tuesday of the same week as “National Teachers Day”. Hindu philosophy and culture consider the Guru as the “Supreme Being” who invokes and sustains the light of knowledge while eliminating the darkness of ignorance. Our lives are touched and inspired by countless teachers in schools, colleges, and many other activities that we participate and excel in. To acknowledge and appreciate these Gurus who silently shape our lives, HSS volunteers across the nation held Guru Vandana during their weekend activities in the Month of May and at some places in June. In a typical event, the children presented a cultural program where Sanskrit shlokas are recited in the honor of the Guru. The shlokas focused on the significance of the Guru, comparing the Guru to God, and pointing out the Guru’s role in achieving the supreme knowledge. A local chief guest shared his or her thoughts with the audience, followed by a teacher appreciation ceremony. Following infographic shows 2021 Guru Vandana statistics.



What is Guru Vandana?

Testimonials from educators on Guru Vandana

School District Superintendent, Indiana

Middle School Principal, Texas

Elementary School Principal, Indiana

School District Superintendent, Texas

Guru Vandana 2019 Report, TX



Past Guru Vandana events by the numbers