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The Melbourne Chapter of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh(HSS) and Hindu Students Council (HSC) of Florida Institute of Technology, conducted a Yuva Sangam at Florida Institute of Technology today.

The theme of the conference was to promote Hindutva, Hindu philosophy of life, and the preservation of Hindu identity in co-existence with people in a Western World.

The participants in the conference, around 30 in number, consisted of many like-minded Hindus from Bharat, the United States of America, and the West Indies, and four eminent personalities from different walks of life and also 2 professors of Florida Institute of Technology.

The proceedings began with an enlightening introduction to Vedic Mathematics, by Santhosh Prabhu, graduating student of Florida Tech . On one hand, Vedic Mathematics provides a quick way for humans to perform high-speed arithmetic on large numbers without using calculating aids. On the other, it enables jotting down the equation of a straight line given two points without manually working out the steps. The computations are made using rules in Sanskrit known as Sutras.

This was followed by a presentation by Vishal Gupta ,(Hindu Students Council Regional coordinator for South East zone) on the interpretation of the Hindu Religion and Hindu Gods, made by the education system in the United States and consequently, the confused perceptions of this great religion by the common masses in this country starting from high-school children. It provided an insignt into the intentions behind the system of education implemented by the British during their colonial days in Bharat.

Thereafter, there was a discussion (Charcha) with Dinesh-ji,swayamsevak from Atlanta.Suggestions poured in from particpants on the issues faced by many International students, particularly from Bharat, on addressing the complexities of the Hindu religion in reply to peculiar questions they encounter during interactions with their fellow-American friends.

After that, a games session (Khel) was organized, which included Yoga exercises conducted by Sumeet Pandey.

The final lecture was delivered by Dr.Yashwant Pathak, an eminent Pharmaceutical Technologist and a Fellow of the American Heart Association and also, the International joint co-ordinator of the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh. He stressed on the need for Hindus the World over to organize themselves and work for the betterment of humanity rather than thinking only about themselves.

The conference concluded with Sangh Prarthana.Bhojan was served after the Prarthana.
In short everyone who had attended the Yuva Sangam had a great time which was first of its kind in Florida Institute of Technology,Melbourne,Florida.