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Rakshabandhan symbolizes a spirit of brotherhood and harmony amongst all sections of society, irrespective of race, religion, and color. On this auspicious occasion we inspire ourselves with the true spirit of service and sacrifice for the welfare of the society and find therein the highest spiritual fulfillment of human life.

On the eve of Rakshabandhan, Sudharshan shakha Karyakartha’s took the kids to Police station and fire station to tie the rakhis to Police men and Firemen.Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS)a Celebrates Rakshabandhan with American Firefighters and Police OfficersTheir hospitality and respect towards our culture was appreciatable and those are unforgettable moments for the kids.  We arrived at 1:00PM on Saturday (8/16/08) as per our scheduled appointment at the Herndon Police Station, VA. Since it was a weekend initial agreement with cops was that there will be only one or two cops and kids have to tie to same person again and again, to our surprise around five cops who are in the duty   drove back to the police station to tie the rakhi from kids. Kids were very excited to see that many cops in front of them.

Kids went ahead in a group, older kids first handed over the fliers with message about Rakhabandhan,  read the  same message to them, put the tilak for the cops, and then all the kids tied the rakhi, took the aarti of all the cops and hand over our Indian sweets (Kaju Katri and coconut burfi) to the cops. They happily ate the sweets and gave a comment that they’re delicious.  They were least bothered about the allergies ( kumkum, nut and diary products).  They even gave a tour of their police car and help the kids to take pictures and at the end thank the kids for thinking about them.

Next Kids went to tie rakhi’s to firemen at sterling fire station, VA. Kids tied rakhi to about 10 firemen; again they patiently and happily were waiting in a line for the kids. Kids started with handing over the fliers, reading the Rakshabandhan message, put the Tilak to firemen,  tie rakhi, took aarti and handover the sweets (Kaju Katri and coconut burfi) even they enjoyed the sweets by ignoring the allergies.  Later on they gave a tour of the fire truck and explained the kids about their services.