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In Superior, Colorado Marshall wildfire was devastating and shook everyone. over 500+ homes got destroyed and people were stranded.

Many Indian community members came forward to help in this situation. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA (HSS) along with The Hindu Temple of Colorado, and Sewa International, working with many other local organizations, came forward to help in many ways.
On Tuesday, Jan 4, 2022, the HSS team got a request from the Superior city community Center for meals for families and relief workers. Various local vendors serve free meals for local communities where they could not cook at home as water and electricity supply was disrupted. However, they needed more food as they did not see enough vendors. The next day also, HSS got a request from Team Rubicon, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that helps in emergency responses during disasters, to provide meals for 125. With the help of 50+ volunteers, a cooked meal for 375 was served.

Some highlights:

  • Hindu temple sponsored food & to-go boxes
  • Hindu temple Annapurna team cooked the food
  • Volunteers of Hindu Temple, HSS, and Sewa international helped in packaging, labeling the logo, delivering, and distributing.

The Team has delivered 125 meals to Team RUBICON and distributed 250 meals to the Superior community members.