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On April 17th and 19th, the HSS Satsang Balagokulam, located in Woburn, Massachusetts had a Hindu Heritage Camp, during the school vacation week in MA. There, a team of volunteers conducted activities with kids ages 5 through 12, with about 50 kids both each day. The groups were divided according to age, so the kids could do activities with kids of their own age. Some of the interesting sessions were -- "talk 1 minute about your favorite God", and "Complete the story" -- where kids were told part of a Panchatantra story and they had to complete it from their imagination. Kids were very imaginative and original in both these sessions.

Activities included drawing, yoga, suyra namaskar, story time, group games, jeopardy, geet, shlokas, and arts and crafts. These activities are were very similar to those conducted at shakhas weekly Balagokulam, where children of all ages are invited to participate, with activities for kids, teenagers, and adults.

Overall, the camp was very successful, and we encouraged all children who attended and their families to join Balagokulam!