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Yoga Do you want to know more about Hindu Culture and the Dharmic Traditions of India? Do   you want to know about Hindu’s contributions in maths, science, art and architecture? Do you want to know about Hindu Diaspora? Do you want to share this knowledge with friends or your own children?

 In many cities throughout the USA, an exhibition covering such diverse themes of Hindu culture as “Festivals”, “Dance and Music”, “Yoga and Ayurveda”, “Contributions in  Mathematics and  Science” and the “Role of Hindu Women” will be held. This will be a traveling exhibition so that Hindus and non-Hindus alike will be able to learn more about the  Dharmic traditions of Indian as  well as the Hindu diaspora and its influence.

The exhibit consists of 30 colorful and informative posters on various themes. They will be displayed in community halls, temples, and other venues. The exhibition will be held in various locations from mid-May through September 2006.
David Frawley, author of many authoritative books on Hinduism, in commenting on this exhibit, said that “Of all the major religions of the world Hinduism is the oldest and most diverse. It is the third largest religion in the world, the largest of the non-Biblical traditions, the largest pluralistic religious tradition, and the largest yogic religious tradition. It has more monks, temples, holy sites and festivals than any other religion today.”

He continued, “Yet Hinduism is also the most misunderstood and the most misrepresented of all religions, largely still presented according to the stereotypes and distortions of the colonial era. This dynamic new display on Hinduism presents this venerable spiritual tradition in its true stature for the modern age, dispelling misconceptions and allowing everyone to share in the wisdom and beauty of this key part of humanity's religious heritage.”

According to national coordinator, Khanderao Kand, “this exhibition covers such a wide variety of topics related to Hindu culture, its contributions and influence that it will play a significant role in creating awareness about Hinduism and Dharmic traditions in America.”

The exhibition is a project of Hindu Swayamsevek Sangh-USA which conducts classes and camps for children and youth so that they can understand their culture and practise Hindu way of living.

For further information, please email exhibition[AT] or call us at (973) 860-2HSS.