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April 30, 2006 was a memorable day for the children of Krishna Balagokulam.

In place of their regular Sunday morning session, the children and the family members associated with the Alpharetta Balagokulam center visited an old-age home by the name ‘Tara Plantation’, located in Cumming, GA. The visit was organized in the spirit of instilling the seeds of ‘sewa’ or service in the tender minds of the children. The air was filled with enthusiasm and excitement as more than 30 children, accompanied by their family members, gathered at the old age home.

All the dedicated BG shikshaks, conducted the event with grace and zest. Children of all ages presented a variety of shlokas, songs, folk and classical dances and even a magic show. The parents of the children joined in and presented the song ‘Eesha humein deta hai sab kuch…’ which aptly conveyed the message and intent of the visit, which is to show gratitude for all the blessings God has showered upon us by returning love and kindness to the world.

The senior citizens of the Tara Plantation old age home were impressed to see so much talent in the children as they heartily applauded. While Dineshji explained the significance of HSS, the shlokas and songs, they listened with rapt attention and appreciated the nuances of Hindu culture. After the presentation, everyone mingled with each other and exchanged warm hugs and best wishes. When asked what they liked most about their experience at the old age home, the children responded that coming there had reminded them of their own grandparents who lived in India. The children took home smiles and warmth and assured their new ‘grandparent-friends’ that they would come back and visit them in the near future.

Thus concluded a well-planned and organized ‘sewa’ exercise and the children look forward to many more of such wonderful projects!

Rekha Radhakrishnan

Shri Krishna Shakha

Atlanta, GA.