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Sanskaar Balagokulam, Dallas, TX conducted Kaun Banega Ramayan Expert (KBRE) contest on the 63rd Independence Day of Bharat – 8/15/2010 from 10 AM to 3 PM. The contest was divided into various age groups for school-age children. Four local community organizers were invited to be the judges for this contest, including Shri. Arun ji Sharma, Houston Zone Secretary of HSS.

After the contest, all the judges praised and congratulated participants, parents and Sanskaar volunteers for conducting the competition. Shri Arun ji shared his thoughts and highlighted the general ignorance about our culture and Ramayan in particular among our community. He stressed that this event should not mark the end of learning but it should be a beginning and everyone should continue learning all our great Epics including Ramayan.

All speakers also told the children that even if they fail to win a prize, they would be still winners since they came forward and participated and also because they now know Ramayan much better than before.

All winners were jubilant while others committed to continue their learning and come better prepared next time.