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HSS Women Volunteers from Central Pacific Celebrated International Women's Day

Women volunteers (Sevikas) of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, USA, (HSS) Central Pacific region celebrated International Women’s Day on Saturday, March 13th, 2021. The major highlight of the celebration was a panel discussion on ‘Contemporary Hindu Women’ with three inspiring Hindu women leaders.

Esteemed panelists were Ms. Sumati ji Rao Consul at Consulate General of India, San Francisco, Ms. Anuradha ji Jagadish founder of  KonnectMe, and Ms. Nandita ji Bhatnagar a co-founder/ VP of a medical device company. Nandita ji also has the responsibility of HSS proudh shreni. 

The program was formally inaugurated by National Sah Sevika Pramukh Sabitha ji Hebbar by lamp lighting ceremony and a message. It was followed by a wonderful Indian classical fusion dance by two young performing artists and later by a short video showcasing the sewa activities done in the Central Pacific region. Central Pacific regional Sevika pramukh, Kanchan ji, in her addressed to the audience, emphasized the importance of sevikas and their contribution to HSS. It was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Contra Costa vibhag sevika pramukh Smita ji Kinhikar. The panel discussion was very inspiring and well received by the audience.

Key messages from the panelist were:-              

Hindu values, Patience, Perseverance, Self Pride, Resilience, Empathy, Integrity will help you succeed. Be assertive. Choose a path you are passionate about. Put 100% into it. Think of obstacles as opportunities. Never underestimate yourself, you have the power within yourself.  Understand your priorities and don’t have the guilt for the things which you could not do. Have a positive perspective. 

Sometimes in life, you have to make decisions to prioritize family over your career, passion. Do not get demotivated by that. Embrace those decisions with a full heart and make the best use of them. Find a good support network.  Use yoga, meditation, rituals as tools to find balance in life. Be a role model, walk the talk. Keep increasing your knowledge by reading scriptures.

Take pride in what you do. Have empathy, good listening skills. Uplift everyone around you. Matrutva, Katrutva, and Netrutva is the inherent nature of all women. Realize that potential and make the best use of it. Whether you bring a paycheck or not is not important but be who you are. You all are super-women holding the power to transform, give back, help others and be a source of positive influence. Bring a positive change in society. 

Central Pacific Regional Joint-Director Sujata Ji Joshi summarized the discussion and gave a vote of thanks to all the panelists, guests from different organizations, and all the sevikas who took the time out to make it a huge success. The program ended with the shanti mantra. Many sevikas stayed back and engaged esteemed panelists in the conversation.