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HSS USA expresses concern over the rise of Hinduphobia

September 17, 2021

Press Release

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA (HSS) condemns and expresses concern about the display of anti-Hindu signs in Cumming, GA. 

This should raise concerns for all and be seen in the context of recent propaganda related to the “Dismantling Global Hindutva” conference.

Over the same weekend of September 11, 2021, huge signs were observed in the public area asking “NO” for the “red dot.”  Traditionally Hindus display red dots (vermillion mark)  on their forehead known as “Bindi / Tilak.”  Such sign-boards fuel religious hatred against the local minority Hindu community.  It brought the memories of dot-busters hate crimes against Hindus from the 1970s in New York and New Jersey.  

We thank the local Cumming community, elected representatives, law enforcement officials for denouncing the hateful attacks in unequivocal terms

We request the local authorities to treat this as an attempted hate crime against Hindus, investigate and take necessary legal actions against perpetrators to the fullest extent.

HSS has conducted  Hinduism Awareness Workshops to law enforcement officials in other jurisdictions and is willing to offer the same  to the local community and law enforcement authorities. 

We hope the community works together to develop a better understanding of Hindu people, their traditions and further harmony and mutual respect.