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HSS Parsippany, NJ Chapter Celebrates Black History Month


The Parsippany Chapter of the Hindu Service Society celebrates Black History Month on February 27th at the Viraj Dham Temple. Gordon Drewery Jr. Minster of the Gospel First Baptist Church and Nora Drewery Licensed Social Worker and Storyteller presented a unique and interactive introduction to the History of the Black community and their journey to the US.  They also covered the many contributions of black leaders, inventors, writers, scientists.  They emphasized the essence of every human and how important it is to be proud of who we are. It was a rewarding experience for all the families that attended the event. 
Gordon Drewery Jr. is a teacher, writer, poet and coach, and mentor. He is dedicated to helping others with love.  Nora Drewery is a Licensed Social Worker, she is a former teacher who taught in Morris School District for 26 years.  She is also a Bible study instructor for First Baptist Church.