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On Saturday, March 12, 2011, HSS Volunteers participated in a vigil to express solidarity with the Sikh community in Elk Grove, California in response to the hate crime, it experienced. This attack unfortunately took a life of Surinder Singh ji and seriously wounded Shri. Gurmej Atwal ji. HSS, while offering its condolences to Sikh sisters and brothers for their loss, prayed for the shanti of the parted soul and for the speedy recovery of the injured. HSS also, urged law enforcement authorities to find the perpetrators of this heinous crime and bring them to justice.

HSS appreciates the support by the local law enforcement authority during this time of difficulty and especially thanks President Pro Tempore of the California Senate, Sen. Darrell Steinberg who called on elected officials Sunday to join him in wearing a turban for a day to symbolize solidarity with the Sikh community in the wake of the recent shooting.