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HSS has been actively working with the civil society, its leaders and officials for all the years it has been incorporated in the US. The Pandemic times of this year (2020) made it challenging, but our Karyakartas found innovative ways to do it.

Our Sunnyvale karyakartas have been in touch with city and school officials for various occasions like International Day of Yoga, Suryanamaskar Yagna, CA textbook issue, etc. As part of COVID-19 related sewa activities, we had reached out to them and provided masks to both Sunnyvale Police Department and School District. Meeting physically to tie Rakhi was a bit difficult due to physical distancing. But the idea was to see if they can join our e-shakha program. Thanks to persistent efforts and good context setting done by Prashant Kondawar ji, we got connected with Sunnyvale DPS Community Service Officer Joseph Ochoa who wholeheartedly agreed to join us on August 18th.


During the program, we gave Officer Ochoa an overview of HSS and various activities we performed, with an emphasis on COVID-19 related sewa activities conducted in the Sunnyvale area. This was followed by a short presentation on Raksha Bandhan festival, it's significance and Universal Oneness Day. Shakha Kids presented soft-copies of “Thank You” cards they had prepared for the Police officials. Approximately 55 families from Sunnyvale Family and Yuva Shakhas were also present. 



We are also grateful to the Sunnyvale PD for posting a Thank you notice and appreciating the outreach.

                                                                      HSS Civic Engagement