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Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA (HSS) announces  the fifth  annual "Health for Humanity Yogathon" or "Surya Namaskar Yajna" by offering one million Sun Salutations, known as Surya Namaskar. The 16-day event aims to create awareness  about Yoga and its advantages in achieving a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Surya Namaskar integrates simple Yoga postures  in 10-steps that, along with easy breathing technique, can provide immense health benefits to both the body and the mind. 

Each year Hindus worldwide celebrate January 14th as Makar Sankranti – a day that marks  the change of season as the sun enters the sign of Capricorn or Makar.  Makar Sankranti ushers in longer days; thus, the festivity symbolizes sunshine in life.  To mark this occasion, HSS  has organized the "Health for Humanity"  Yogathon from January 15th to January 30th, 2011.

HSS initiatied this health awareness project  in 2006. Since its inception, various Yoga Centers, community  organizations, schools and colleges regardless of individual faiths and beliefs, have participated  all across the United States.  Last year, close to 9,000 people from 40 states participated in this unique yogathon performing nearly one million Surya Namaskar.  Community leaders and many elected officials across the nation have appreciated this initiative and encouraged their residents to participate and gain the benefits of an overall healthy life style. 

This year also, HSS invites community groups, Yoga centers, students, and people of all ages to learn and participate in Health for Humanity Yogathon.  This program is open to people of all ages, gender, and races.  For questions or suggestions, at email “sny(at)hssus(dot)org” or .973-500-8HSS (8477)