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Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, (HSS) USA, condemns acts of vandalizing the newly built and still under construction Hindu temple at Maple Grove, MN.  Vandals broke in to the 43,000 square feet facility and damaged the religious deities and several other areas of the temple, including the auditorium, dining hall and classrooms.  

Numerous architects have been working for over two years on the traditional Hindu design of the temple. Many pieces of the temple have been handcrafted in India and shipped to Minnesota for use. The deities in the religious altar, located on the second floor of the facility, were constructed in India and were destroyed as a result of the vandalism. These uniquely crafted pieces will be difficult to replace.  The City of Maple Grove has been enthusiastically involved in the planning and construction of the new temple and is extremely distressed about the acts of vandalism. We appreciate that the City is actively working with the authorities on the investigation of the vandalism. 

Prof. Ved Nanda, President of HSS, USA, while expressing concerns about this act, said that the Hindus throughout the US are very peace loving and not only contribute to the vitality of local economies but also enjoy good relations with the local communities at large.  This act of hatred is a matter of concern and underlines the importance of educating the local community about Hinduism in schools and local events.