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HSS-Atlanta Vibhag conducted a 5-day Hindu Heritage Camp in the ICRC Temple of Smyrna GA (a suburb of Atlanta). This was the first event of HSS in the temple with which there was no previous sampark. The total sankhya of Bal Swayamsevaks in the camp was 37. The average number of shikshaks, prabandaks on each day was 15.

The camp started each day at 9 am with aarti which was followed by Suryanamaskar and Yoga. This was continued with an hour of khel followed by a small break for snacks and refreshments. The next session consisted of shlokas, bhajans and story-time. After lunch and a short nap-time, the participants did arts and crafts and then viewed the animated Ramayan movie. The day ended with shlokas and khel. At 5 pm, parents joined for the concluding Sangh Prarthana.

There were a few experimental activities conducted such as Rangoli, Garba Dance, Make-your-own-bhel, Mehendi, etc. At the end of the fifth day the participants were sad that the camp had come to an end.

The Mukhya Atithi for the Samarop karyakram was the president of IACA (Indian American Cultural Association), the parent body of ICRC temple, Shri Tushar Sanghavi ji. The karyakram started with a welcome to the parents and guests followed by a Vyakti Geet by a Sevika, Saee Subhedar. This was followed by Subhashitam and Amrutavachan and then an impressive 30-min presentation of Suryanamaskar, Yoga, Khel, Abhimanyu Skit, was made by the Bal Swayamsevaks.

Afterwards, Srikanth ji, gave a 10-min bhoudhik on the need for a Bala-shakha. The Mukhya Atithi, Shri Tushar Sanghavi ji and the chairperson of ICRC Temple, Smt Suja Katarya ji, later congratulated HSS and praised the efforts it made for conducting this camp. The evening concluded with Sangh Prarthana.