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The Hindu Heritage Camp in Orlando, Florida was conducted on June 26th in Hindu University of America, Orlando. About 36 children from ages 5 to 14 attended the event. The activities included shloka chanting, games, story session, arts and crafts, Yoga, Niyudda and Hindu Research & jeopardy.

The camp began at 9am with registration and at 9:30 am a quick introduction & Orientation followed by Prayer. This was continued by a 30 minute session of yoga and surya namaskar. The children were grouped into two for a 45 minutes session of Cultural games followed by a break. Next was a 30-minute Shloka & Bhajan session followed by story time. There was another 30-minute session for the kids for some arts and coloring activities followed by the elder group involving in some Hindu research until lunch break.

The afternoon session started after the 60 minutes lunch break. In the session of Hindu Jeopardy all the participants enjoyed as well as the parents gave more explanations about Hinduism and related topics. For the Shishu-gana there was more fun during the Movie time session where the animated ramayan was shown. Simultaneously, the elder group enjoyed a Niyudda session.

In the final concluding samarop, the elder group presented their posterboards which they had made after some research. The parents were provided information about weekly Balagokulam shakhas, balagokulam magazine and upcoming family camp. Many parents were really interested to volunteer for upcoming events. The event concluded with Sangh Prarthana.

Almost 10 swayamsevaks/sevikas conducted the complete camp.