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Aligned with the Hindu philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which translates to the whole world is one society, the shakhas of the Great Lakes Vibhag engaged with the larger community and presented Surya Namaskar workshops throughout the region during the month of January 2020. Sun Salutation workshops have become an annual feature throughout the USA for the past 10+ years with growing acceptance at public schools, community organizations and public offices .

The event for the Year 2020 kick started with Sadhana Shaka of Carmel executing a 12 hour non-stop wave on Jan 18th, which turned out to be a big block party with friends and neighbours sweating it out.  



Shakhas of Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, Columbus, Louisville and Purdue opened their doors to the community and invited them for the Max Yoga Day celebrations. Cities across the region appreciated the effort by HSS in promoting a healthy lifestyle, and Mayor Hon.James Leinhoop of Columbus passed out a proclamation supporting the event. 

In order to reach the community beyond the people of Indian Origin, the Karyakartas taught the Surya Namaskar Yoga to the Columbus Philharmonic Orchestra Group and the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis, with well over 70+ participants the event was a grand success. 


Yoga is a gift of ancient Hindu Rishis to humanity, and thanks to its practitioners and preachers it has survived for over a Millennium and is thriving globally.  

In order for us to benefit from it, the sooner we learn it and make it a life-long practice we can enrich our lives. With that noble thinking, Shakhas of the Great Lakes area approached schools in participating in the event, and they gladly obliged and appreciated the outreach. Students and teachers of Lowe Elementary, and River Birch Elementary schools enthusiastically participated in the Yoga event; with a total of 240 students and 30+ teachers participating across schools. The event was also recognized by the local press.