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Ganesh puja by Children" event organized by The Shiv Shakti and Sri Krishna Balagokulams of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (Atlanta Vibhag) on September 17, 2005 in Shiv mandir at Global Mall, Norcross. The puja was performed on auspicious "Ananta Chaturdashi", last day of the 10-day Ganesh festival celebrations.

Altogether, the group comprised of about 35 families with 50 children and approximately 20 visitors with a total sankhya of more than 100. About 10 karyakartas actively participated in planning the event and various arrangements. Nearly 5 karyakartas helped in preparing, and distributing the prasadam.

It is a picture perfect setting for the event in Shiv Mandir with Lord Shiva, and Parvati in the center stage, Ganesha and other deities present and witnessing the whole event. Parents and kids came in traditional attire. Parents and children prepared the puja area with items that they brought along with them.

Some children installed Ganesh moorthi in their puja area that was prepared by them using colored play dough the week before. The puja started exactly at 2:30pm as planned. The puja started with Ganesh Symbolism as children curiously listened to different parts of Ganesh’s body. The whole atmosphere filled the children with devotion and more enthusiasm to perform puja.

The puja was performed by praying to Ganeshji, meditating upon Ganeshji, inviting the lord to receive worship, offering him turmeric, kunkum, beetle nuts & leaves, fruits, flowers etc. Parents and children recited the slokhas after the conductors. The conductors then explained the meaning of slokha. The puja ended with a story on Ganesh, narrated by Soumitraji.

After the story there was a vote of thanks and a brief on Balagokulam and Sewa contribution to Katrina relief efforts. Prasadam was distributed to all participants and visitors.

It is for the first time that Balagokulam hosted such an event. Many parents and visitors expressed their appreciation and satisfaction for organizing such event and many requested such events on all major festivals. The entire puja was conducted by karyakarthas as temple pujari was not available due to his prior commitment. Pooja vidhi material were downloaded from Karyakarthas did an excellent job at every level each stepping up to the occasion.