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Balagokulam Dallas Metroplex had a family picnic on May 28th at WestLake Park, Lake Dallas, Texas. About 80 people – the young as well as the young at heart - from Irving, Plano, Flowermound, and Garland attended the picnic.

The picnic started with Prarthana, followed by games and a talent show by 4-11 year olds.  Although only 10 kids had registered, 20 kids gave a variety of amazing performances such as folk dance, classical dance, monologues, shloka recitals, and Bollywood songs. The talent show reflected the terrific creativity among the kids.

Then the adults and kids were divided into 5 groups. Each group was asked to perform impromptu, a silent skit from either Ramayana or Mahabharta.  Given just 15 minutes of preparation, the groups came up with interesting skits such as Sundara Kanda, Krishna leela, Shri Ram in Shabari ashram, and Sita apaharan. 

Also, two groups of kids performed a bow and arrow skit based on
the Mahabharata.  The moral of the skit was “To achieve a hard
goal, focus is absolutely necessary”. It was amazing to see how quickly kids grasped the theme, dialogues and performed with in 15 minutes.

The delicious food, hot tea, great music, and the kids kept the adults energized.  We concluded the picnic with Prarthana followed by cricket. In spite of the heavy rain at times, the picnic went very well.

The Balagokulam Team thanks all parents for bringing their families to the event and making it such a success.  Your enthusiastic support has bolstered our resolve to make the next one even better (and hopefully bigger)!