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Hindus have many festivals throughout the year, however, HSS has selected 6 of them as they exemplify the positive values they convey to the community, and are celebrated not by Individuals or families but the entire community comes together to celebrate.  

Vijayadashami Utsav was celebrated on Oct. 20th, 2019 at Park Tudor School, Indianapolis. Vijayadashmi celebrates the victory of Ram over Ravan, and of Durga over Mahishasur. But these are also parables for the internal struggles within each human being in the journey to enlightenment. With the lighting of the lamp and shankh ninaad this auspicious occasion commenced. Vaktha for the occasion Sri Nikhil ji Ajothikar, Vibhag Bauddhik Pramukh, described the tradition of ‘seemollanghan’ in his bauddhik. He pointed out that this is not meant to be a ritualistic practice limited to this utsav. We must embrace this practice in its spirit of pushing, testing our own boundaries and limitations. So that, we advance and find an improved version of ourselves, every Vijaya Dashami. In the spirit of the baudhik, Chetak Vibhag found an improved version of its own pradarshan(s), since Vijaya Dashami ’18. Ghosh gana grew to, a strong, 30 Vaadak. 



Vibhag Karayvah, Sri Jitender ji Sandadi informed the audience about the community level engagements of HSS, Chetak Vibhag. Thus, pointing out its positive impact on society via Seva and Utsav(s) that engage broader communities. Shakha, the unit cell of Sangh serves as the “life giving oxygen” to the organization, to continually energize it. This energy is and will always be expended on Vishwa Dharma Prakashen, Vishwa Shanthi Pravarkthake.

Sri Chandra ji Reddy, who served as President of the Medical staff at Terre Haute Regional Hospital of Health Corporation of America was invited as Mukhya Athithi. Sri Suddhatattava Ji Kar, Board of Trustee for Hindu Society of Southern Indiana, Columbus was also present for the occasion. Chandra Reddy Ji talked about Navratri being a celebration of knowledge, wealth & power. From a philosophical perspective these three aspects can be considered as sattva, rajas & tamas respectively. Through the journey of this festival we move from tamas towards sattva. Chandra Reddy Ji focused on explaining practical aspects of various seemingly complex concepts in Hindu dharma through short stories. For instance he related the aspect of why it is important for Mann and Buddhi has to work in coherence with a short, simple and funny story. Reddy Ji emphasized that we all should enjoy every aspect of life, but we need to understand that the ultimate goal of human life is to seek moksha.