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On Sunday, the 9th of October 2005, Chicago Vibhag celebrated Vijaya Dashmi at the Abhimanyu Balagokulam in Schaumburg. The utsav served the dual purpose of celebrating Vijaya Dashmi and send off to two vistaaraks from the Midwest.

This is the first time that vistaaraks have come out of the Midwest, though lately some Midwest karyakartas got ‘outsourced’ by virtue of their job transfers. It was indeed a matter of pride for the old timers and source of inspiration for the teenagers to see Darshan Soni and Rishikesh Athalye take time off for sangh work.

The utsav began at 10:15 am sharp with dhwaj. Suryanamaskar followed warm-ups and then the lot was divided into separate ganas for adults and kids. Games, geet and baudhik were conducted for each gana. Madhav ji Naidu (Midwest Sambhag Karyavah) was the vakta for the adults. He stressed upon the significance of Vijaya Dashmi to Hindus in the current scenario and how this day is a proud reminder of a vibrant victorious Hindu samaj. Shridhar ji Damle (Chicago Vibhag Sampark Pramukh), in his inimitable interactive style conducted a story session for the kids. After the baudhiks the groups were merged (63 total) for the send off program.

Ami Soni and Mira Radadia (Mukhya Shishika, Abhimanyu BG) shared their experiences of Rishikesh and Darshan with everyone. Girish ji (Midwest Sambhag, Bala Pramukh) also narrated a couple of funny and interesting accounts. Khanderao ji Kand (HSS US Sah-Karyawah) who was in town and at the event encouraged to the two Vistaaraks. Everyone wished Rishikesh and Darshan success in their vistaarakship with a loud and unanimous “AUM”. Darshan’s parents were specially invited to attend this event.

The utsav concluded with Prarthana, which was followed by lunch.