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January 18, 2021

For Immediate Press Release

The Hindu-American community welcomes the peaceful transition to a new administration with the swearing in ceremony set for January 20. We join the nation in supporting the new Administration to unite and heal the country and build a stable and prosperous future.

In this critical moment in American history, some people are still pursuing their agenda of hate and divisiveness. Hinduphobia was evident in the disinformation campaign by some organizations such as ASPAIRE and CAPI. The image of one Indian tricolor flag at the January 6 Capitol protest was yet another excuse for these organizations to demonize the entire Hindu community.

The statement by ASPAIRE and CAPI also denigrates the saffron flag, a civilizational icon and a sacred symbol of Hindus and other Indic religions, through deliberate misrepresentation. The saffron flag has always adorned the places of worship of these religions. Slandering of the sacred religious symbol is blatant Hinduphobia and Hindu hate. We denounce in the strongest terms such slandering of any sacred religious symbol, as well as the demonization of the Hindu community and Hindu organizations

HSS USA, a non-profit organization based on Hindu values, emphasizes the well-being of all humanity. For many decades, we have worked for the betterment of the communities we live in. Just in the past year, we donated around 300 thousand pounds of food to pantries across the nation and distributed over half a million masks to 45,000 needy families in over 200 cities as part of our COVID-19 relief effort. As an integral part of the American civil society, we proactively foster trust and goodwill, building relationships with all sections of the society. We reach out to elected officials of all political parties, law enforcement, education boards and other departments, as well as other faith-based organizations. Terming this outreach as "political infiltration" is not only untrue, mischievous, and irresponsible, but also indicates phobia against Hindu organizations.

America continues to be a nation of inclusiveness, accepting and respecting diversity, and there is no place for hatred and racism here. The Hindu-American community, a religious minority, deserves safety and respect just like all other communities in America. We are committed to these American values and stand with all Americans for the good of the nation as a whole.

We eagerly look forward to working with the new Administration of President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris, to build a fair and equitable society.

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